I am a believer that everything happens for a reason. People enter and exit from your life as do the seasons change. We hopefully grow and learn as we get older so that our lives continue to be enriched and fulfilling.

I can honestly say that the past two and a half years, so many things have changed for me. Changes that I was destined to go through. However, these changes would not have happened had I not taken a chance on me.
Failure was bound to be part of this process and with these small fails have blossomed huge successes! It’s a process and I’m grateful for it’s pitfalls, because every time I pick myself back up I get stronger and more confident.

If you need true change and seek confidence and a solid path to consistent cumulative life health- join me! We are a family. I am seeking team members that believe in themselves and are hungry to live a healthy life and in turn pay it forward to others.

You don’t have to be a personal trainer, certified fitness instructor or have a business degree. I don’t!! It is however essential that you are seeking a better life, a healthy lifestyle for yourself and a desire to help others. Make a commitment to yourself in 2017. Make a choice to help 3 people every month in 2017. Believe in yourself in 2017.

I am seeking 5 men or women who are looking for a healthy lifestyle and have a desire to be an entrepreneur and start a health and fitness business that can completely alter the path of your life both physically and financially. I am giving away a fitness program if you sign up with me as a Beachbody Coach with a challenge pack in the next 15 days with a commitment to your own personal health. If you want details please PM me or comment below #yearendresolutions

Choose what you become…don’t let the choice be made for you.

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