Consistency is all in the approach!! If you are having trouble with sticking to your fitness routine or don’t even know where to start, why not forgo that gym membership this New Years and try something else.

Are you looking for a:
-personal trainer
-life and fitness coach
-a 24/7 support network
-Short,but effective workouts from home
-whole food nutrition
-meal planning

I used to be that loyal member of the gym from January to February:)) LOL. Does that sound familiar guys. Do you start something then find every excuse in the book to not go. Especially the weather, or the drive or the schedule for classes doesn’t sync with your busy mom life.

I have personally found success in working out from home. I was leary at first, I had tried other at home workouts that left me wanting more and were so repetitive that I wanted to scream. UNTIL…. I discovered the Beachbody workouts and trainers.
Each workout was a challenge. Each day was different and time friendly. With every month that I kept at it with the support system on my FREE beachbody coach my body started changing. I was finally getting that lean, toned body I dreamed of. I was honestly so freaking pissed off at one point because I had spent literally YEARS working out, training for triathlons, running endless hours, trying to do weights at the gym and never was I able to pull it all together.
That is the well thought out blessing that are my at home workouts and my all in one all natural superfood SUPERHERO!! I wouldn’t go a day without it. It is that essential, like vitamins are to any healthy diet. Except this is a SUPERHERO of a vitamin unlike no other. Don’t knock it until you try it! My immune system and my diabetes have been so good since I met my SUPERHERO! And yes we budgeted and yes at first I put it on a credit card, because my family and I are worth it! We do what we feel is most important, right? I challenge you to be strong as we are ending 2017. Don’t succumb to all the Holiday weight gain which turns into first of the year panic.

I’m adding people to my team this month to help them start working on themselves before the end of the year! Join with the discount for you!!


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