A couple years ago I was at a crossroads in life.  I was itching to do something else in life other than being a stay at home mom. We also NEEDED some extra cash to help with hockey, lets face it that shit is expensive.   As I entered my 40’s I felt stagnant. Marriage woes, raising kids is hard AF, and at the time I was 30 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. Hated my body. Wanted my Sexy Back.  Needless to say I was seeking SOMETHING- ANYTHING!!

That crossroads offered me two options. Employment part time out of the home making $9 an hour with little upward motion. Or take a huge leap of faith on something I knew nothing about and owning my own business. Pretty scary stuff.   My husband and I talked for about 2 weeks about this decision. We did our due diligence on the company and found it sound yet total foreign territory to both of us. Network marketing was a thing?   HAHA! I never knew.  It would continue to afford me the freedom to be available 100% for my kids, hubby and continue to give my family the attention they needed and our family life.  I could still be available to my parents which was important because at the time my dad was getting worse with his dementia and it was a matter of time before Mom would have to make BIG decisions regarding his care. Most of all becoming a Coach and part of this TEAM was the turning point in my life with my health.  I finally found fitness I love and challenges me. I’ve learned how to FEED myself in a way that helped me lose weight and not starve myself, but just the opposite, eating to lose weight.  My journey is ongoing, but my initial 30 pounds and 30 inches took me 9 months to lose.  I felt amazing in 2014 and I still am feeling amazing in 2017 and always on my health journey. I’m with my team and fit family, being supported daily! 

So I asked like a million questions of my close friend Monica who was offering me a JOB. Like what is this network marketing crap?  I had never bought into it before.  The only experience I had before with it was some of my girlfriends who asked me to host parties for whatever they were selling. I was like HELL NO I’m not hauling all that stuff to peoples homes and having parties. Not really my gig.  Also- took me away on evenings that I needed to be available due to kids sports or ….LIFE! At first my mind was like- No, Thank You.  First off,  I don’t have  a couple thousand dollars for a start up BIZ, second, I honestly can’t pull away evenings and weekends to make the biz successful. 

Monica, explained that this wasn’t part of our jam! Coaching was first and foremost about truly and genuinely wanting to HELP people. She simply asked me, do you think you could help 2 people a month make this healthy lifestyle change? I was like- Sure doesn’t sound hard.

I listened and found out that we didn’t have to stock anything, I didn’t have to directly DEAL WITH OTHER peoples money- a huge relief for me, and best of all I wasn’t fulfilling orders, just helping people make decisions on the fitness program and Shakeology flavor while Team Beachbody fulfilled those orders and sent them directly to my new awesome client! WINNING!   These were some of my fears while I was considering joining the team.  Once I was informed of these business practices I could move onto other fears…WHO was going to listen to this lost 40 something stay at home mom who lacked purpose and really wasn’t good at anything social media.  Monica eased me into the notion that since I was in love with the products and had a helping heart that if I shared my own journey people would also see its worth.  Ok- so my next question was- how am I helping them then? 

That’s where the word COACH came into play.  This is where the rubber meets the track.  I had to be brave enough to invite them into my world.  I had to be brave enough to share my healthy lifestyle vision and HELP them.  Oh ok- easy peasy! lol. Psyc!!!!

I mean, it is easy in its concept but practicing it scared me to death and I was afraid of two things. First, I had NEVER stuck with any fitness plan in my past and always was a part of the ‘I give up’ crowd. How can I promote something if I wasn’t going to stick with it?  Second, I was afraid of what all my friends on Facebook would think of me.   WTF has happened to SUZAN?  What is she doing posting all her shit and workouts and food and positive and and and…… I was afraid of being judged.  But I got over that, maybe it’s because this lifestyle change FELT good and the way my mind and heart felt so lost before becoming a coach was way worse than worrying about what my friends thought. I’ve made all the classic network marketing mistakes online too and guess what- I still have my friends and a lot of those friends are now part of my fitness family and part of the TEAM. I’ve also made the income we needed to support our Hockey Addiction!! lol.

Coaching was one of the HUGE Great decisions I made in my life and I have NEVER regretted it. Come and talk to me!

‘It starts with vision’ is your venue to get informed by seasoned coaches who were curious but hesitant to start.  I’m inviting you to join me in my 3 day group so you can see if your vision includes ‘Health, Vision and Prosperity’.

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