Wouldn’t it be fulfilling if you had a career that pushes you to be the Best Version of you? Being the best mom, wife, daughter. Spiritually, physically, mentally…THE BEST VERSION!

Well I’m here to tell you that I’m doing this daily! I’m in my Happy zone! The stars are aligning and my purpose and mission are strong.

Before becoming a coach I was stressed, overweight and was always doing for others to fulfill their needs and passions while never tapping into my own hopes and dreams.

For years my purpose of being a stay at home mom was clear. The daily task and grind numbed my brain until one day I realized I was drowning.  I was so unhappy with myself, my marriage and my life.  This couldn’t be my WHOLE purpose in life? Could it? I couldn’t find the fun in it anymore. 

I took one single step to change almost three years ago. I decided to start working on my health. I was 30 pounds overweight and it was affecting my Type 1 diabetes, my confidence and my life. I decided to use two fitness program, my best friend used to lose over 70 pounds. The lifestyle solution I invested in taught me how to eat clean and healthy. How to portion my food and understand how to eat balanced meals to lose weight and feel better.  I never have given up on flavor, in fact my food is more delicious now than before.  Part of this solution was a superfood nutrition shake called Shakeology. Even though I was so afraid to try it, I decided to give it a try for 30 days. Just after 10 days I noticed changes and I felt better. More energy, less roller coaster sleepy symptoms. I was less bloated and my middle didn’t’ feel like a balloon.  My blood sugars were responding beautifully with the shake and my food cravings were all but gone!!

All in all the Lifestyle solution worked for me. A type 1 diabetic with celiacs! I had never bought anything over the internet and was skeptical for sure.  But after 9 months of 5 days of fitness a week, changing my eating habits, supplementing with Shakeology as a meal replacement I lost 30 pounds and 30 inches! My journey has brought me confidence, knowledge, happiness and I’m content where I am today!!

It was obvious to me that if this worked for me it could work for others. My main concern was who would listen to me and trust me. I opened the doors to my own Beachbody coaching business on July 1, 2014 and became CEO of Pura Vida Fit. I was petrified. I didn’t know the first thing about running my own online health and fitness business. But I wasn’t alone. I had a team that helped and guided me through training’s and experience.  The team is my resource and my foundation.  My days started to have purpose again. It wasn’t just laundry and dishes anymore, I was pouring my heart and soul into others helping them reach their health goals! Other women like me who were lost and had lost their purpose and path. I look forward to working everyday! I spend a couple hours a day growing my business and helping others grow their business too! 

I know that Coaching isn’t for everyone, but wouldn’t it be nice to be supported in your own personal Happiness Project?

This business is purpose giving and mind growing! I have learned so much about myself and my abilities beyond my awesome domestic engineering skills I’ve acquired over the past 16 years! I’m in a new phase of my life and this was the right career path for me to be at my happiest and healthiest.  This business is for the go-givers of the world who want to spread happiness, health & positivity!  

Embrace your own Happiness Project and let’s rock this life together! http://tinyurl.com/PVFbeacoach



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